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Rock Tape/ Kinesiotaping 

We are proud certified members of RockTape! Most of you have seen RockTape on the CrossFit games or on many Olympic athletes. We provide these techniques for athletes who need the extra support.

Here is why it works and the function it provides...

The RockTape is acting as a buffer with an athletes pain that they are experiencing. If you accidentally bump your knee on the coffee table, we all rub the area you hurt to make it stop hurting right? Well when the RockTape is on the skin it will send mechanoreceptors (pain blockers) to the area that is hurt and tell the brain that the specific area doesn’t hurt as much. 

Why we use RockTape

-“Turning the pain volume down on an injury”. 

-The taping will decompress an area of swelling and inflammation 

- Research has shown that RockTape on skin can slow muscle fatigue. In rehab of an injury it is very important for that region and the areas around the injury that will help try to compensate on the muscles that may not be working like they should. 

- Normalizes muscle tone. RockTape can bring muscle underachieve muscles back to life and help calm down the overactive muscles. It helps your body coordinate movement as if it wasn’t hurt, and will help the healing to begin properly.

-Is different from conventional white tape for injuries. The extra sticky and moveable tape will help to continue to have the athlete work hard and can distribute forces to other nearby fascia, ligaments and bones.

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