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Chiropractic medicine has changed so much in the past 20 years, and slowly has been respected in a whole new way. Many people to this day have a big misconception on what it is a chiropractor can help you with. WE ARE MORE THAN JUST AN ADJUSTMENT! At Lakeville Integrated (Family) Health Clinic, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest techniques and education. We believe only providing a chiropractic adjustment is something of the past. Incorporating a plethora of techniques to provide each patient the best quality of care is who we are as healthcare providers. We love active healthcare and chiropractic medicine and feel you will learn so much from what teach our patients. Educating on how to prevent an injury from occurring a second time is a must when a patient at our clinic. 


Acute/Chronic Disc Conditions


Carpal Tunnel/Tendonitis

Sciatica Pain

Chronic Allergies


Neck pain/Stiffness/Injury

Personal Injury

Worker's Compensation Injury

Arm, Shoulder Pain/Injury

Ligament Sprain/Strain

Muscle Spasms/Pain

Mid/Low Back Pain

Knee, Hip, Calf Pain/Injury

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