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Personal Injury

Have you been involved in a car accident? 

At Lakeville Integrated (Family) Health Clinic we understand that accidents can happen! But what to do next is a common question.

We frequently see personal auto injury cases that we can find the victim the relief they have been searching for. From whiplash to low back pain, we can help! We are in network with great Personal Injury Law Firms that can serve you should you need our help with a referral. 

Steps we take to assure your health is priority:

1. Have you come in for a patient consultation/get details of accident report, take x-rays if needed (refer for other imaging/testing)

2. Contact Lawyer (one we help refer to you or your own choice)/ Aid in paperwork for your case.

3. Provide a treatment plan to get all concerns address and treated!


**Are you a Law Firm looking to be in our Law Networking Program? Call us to learn more!**

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